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Smackdown Live Results-December 11th,2018
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The New Day make their way to the ring to host the Rap Battle..

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi KIngston welcomes everyone to the second Rap Battle.

Big E says that the Bar is probably up to some shenanigans and they can start.

Sheamus says this has gone too far, let’s hit them with the Bar.

They start with Ice Ice Sheamy. The bar is back. Cesaro is going to swing you. When they walk through the ropes, you can’t hold a candle.

The New Day say that it is garbage but the Bar celebrates.

The Usos are next.

Jimmy says it’s the Usos vs the Bar in a rap off. What are they going to talk about? Sheamus’ hair grease or Cesaro’s mouthpiece. After they got robbed in the last rap battle, they want that deleted. They already beat the ninja turtles, it is time to beat BeBop and Rock Steady. The Usos show love, like cupid and Sheamus looks dumb, no he looks stupid.

Jimmy asks Sheamus if he stays out of the son so his skin looks like chalk. How do you knock Cesaro’s teeth without a knuckle, here is Mr. Turnbuckle. None of that matter when you step into the ring with the Usos. Jimmy says he earned the name Iron Man. Six time champs are coming soon, welcome to the Uso Peni . . .

Sheamus and Cesaro try to attack the Usos but The Usos move. Sheamus and Cesaro go to the floor. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Big E and then they hit a spike Air Raid Crash on Jimmy.


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