Crown Jewel Results-November 2nd,2018
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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar (with Big Show) vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods on the outside)

The New Day came out on an apparatus that turned into a magic carpet for them to ride to the ring.

Sheamus and Big E started out. Big E had contorl early and tagged out to Kofi. Sheamus worked over Kofi and tagged out to Cesaro. Kingston caught him with a dropkick for a two count. Kingston was worked over for a long time as the Champions tagged in and out. He tried to fight to make a tag out to Big E but Sheamus cut him off and drilled him with hard shots to the chest. Kingston was kept down on the mat by Cesaro but strove to get to the corner. They got close to Big E but Cesaro nailed E with a cheap shot.

Kingston finally backdropped Cesaro who tagged Sheamus. Sheamus knocked Big E off the apron before Kofi could make the tag. Cesaro tagged back in and they nailed a double-team Jackhammer for a two count on Kingston. Big E finally makes the hot tag. He nailed a big splash and a big uranage for a two count. He went for the spear through the ropes to the floor but Cesaro nailed him with a knee to the face. Sheamus tagged in and pounded him with right hands. E lifted Sheamus on his shoulders and Kofi came off the ropes with a double stomp on his back while he was on E’s shoulders. That was creative.

Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro. They went for The Big Ending but Sheamus kicked up. Show got on the apron and argued with the referee. E was sent into Show, who hit the KO punch, which the referee missed. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick and scored the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Bar!

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