Smackdown Live Results-October 23rd,2018
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The New Day make their way to the ring and they have something to say, and we find out that they will get their rematch at Crown Jewel.

Xavier says that the New Day were cheated and defeated by the Bar last week. Kofi says they didn’t set the bar, they lowered the bar. Kofi says that they took advantage of the situation but Kofi says he has a hard time wrapping his head around Big Show. Xavier asks if Big Show is the Bar-Tender. Big E says that they thought Big Show was cool, but he flips back and forth more times than a flapjack. Kofi says they want some retribution and he does not give a damn who it is.

The new Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Sheamus and Cesaro come out and they are joined by Big Show.

We will have a singles match between a member of the New Day and the Bar and Big Show tonight.

Match Number One: Big Show (with Cesaro and Sheamus) versus Kofi Kingston (with Big E and Xavier Woods)

Kofi with a drop kick as the bell rings and Show chops Kofi in the corner. Show with a hard Irish whip and chop in the corner. Show with a biel and then he sets for a choke slam and hits it. Show picks up Kofi by the throat and hits a second choke slam. Show looks at Big E and Woods before hitting a third choke slam.

Big E and Woods come in and Sheamus and Cesaro do as well so the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Cesaro with a guttrwench to Woods and then Show sends Kofi into the ring post. Show choke slams Big E. Sheamus and Cesaro hold Woods for the Knockout punch and Show connects. Big Show gives Woods a choke slam.

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