RAW Results:March 19th,2018
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Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring.

Braun says last week he won the Tag Team Battle Royal by himself. Braun says he is going to Wrestlemania. Earlier tonight, he was informed by management that he needs to have a partner. Braun says he does not think he needs a partner. He knows he can win those tag titles by himself.

Sheamus and Cesaro interrupt and Sheamus tells Braun to hold on a second. He says Braun is out of his mind if he thinks he can beat them by himself. You won last week by yourself, but throwing people over the top rope is different than beating the greatest team in the WWE.

Cesaro you don’t become a tag team overnight. It takes time to build chemistry with your partner. You have to train together, eat together, drive together, sleep together.

Sheamus clarifies what Cesaro meant by ‘sleep together’.

Sheamus says it does not matter who your partner is, you don’t stand a chance because they are going to walk in and walk out as the tag team champions.

Braun tells them to shut up.

Sheamus asks Braun if he thinks he is tough. They have beaten every team on Raw and Braun and his partner will have the same fate. What Brock did to Roman is nothing compared to what they will do to them.

Braun says he has a partner and he gets to have a match against one of them right now.

Sheamus and Cesaro both get on the apron and Cesaro is the one to face Braun.

Match Number Two: Braun Strowman versus Cesaro (with Sheamus)

Braun sends Cesaro into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips Cesaro into the turnbuckles. Braun with an Irish whip and splash. Braun with another Irish whip and Cesaro goes over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strowman backs Cesaro into the corner but Cesaro jumps back onto Strowman’s back. Strowman gets Cesaro off of him again. Cesaro with a series of kicks and punches. Strowman blocks a suplex attempt but Cesaro avoids a suplex from Strowman. Strowman goes over the top rope when Cesaro moves and then Cesaro with a baseball slide. Strowman hot shots Cesaro onto the ringside barrier and then Sheamus decides that Cesaro is good without his help.

Strowman backs Sheamus up and that allows Cesaro to try to attack Strowman from behind but Strowman catches Cesaro off the steps and sends him into the ringside barrier. Strowman misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post. Cesaro with a drop kick to the back followed by European uppercuts. Strowman blocks a Gotch Style Neutralizer and Strowman sends Cesaro to the floor. Cesaro with a springboard corkscrew European uppercut. Strowman with a punch and splash into the corner. Cesaro gets out of the power slam when Sheamus distracts Strowman. Strowman goes to the floor and he tries to hit Cesaro with a running shoulder tackle but Cesaro moves and Sheamus goes down.

Strowman misses a splash into the corner and Cesaro tries for a rollup but Strowman does not go down. Cesaro goes to the turnbuckles and Strowman catches him when he comes off and Strowman with a power slam for the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman

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