Elimination Chamber Results-February 25th,2018
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WWE Raw Tag Team champions The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide.

The champions attacked before the bell. Apollo and Titus made a comeback with a double clothesline. The champs went to the floor, but Apollo hit a flying bodypress off the top to the floor on them. The announcers said Cesaro was favoring his leg.

They finally hit the bell.

Apollo was sent to the floor after Sheamus distracted him and Cesaro drilled him. Sheamus worked him over on the floor. Sheamus tossed him back in the ring and worked over Apollo in the champions’ corner. The Bar worked over Apollo, but he kept kicking up.

Sheamus locked in an armbar. Apollo fought his way out of it and it sounded like the audience was booing his offense. He tried to make a tag but was cut off by Cesaro. The champions continued to control Apollo. Cesaro locked on a chinlock. Apollo fought his way out and it looked like he was finally going to make the tag but Sheamus tagged in and cut him off.

Apollo still almost made it but Sheamus knocked Titus off the apron, leaving his partner with no one to tag out to. Sheamus missed a charge in the corner and nailed his shoulder on the ringpost. Titus made the tag and cleaned house. He nailed a big boot on Cesaro for a two count after knocking Sheamus to the floor.

Titus went for a powerslam but Cesaro slipped down behind him and attacked the back of the knee. Sheamus tagged himself in and went for a move but was caught and hit with Clash of the Titus. Cesaro saved the day during a pinfall attempt. The champions went to the floor where Crews hit a flip dive to the outside.

Titus was sent into the ringpost, leaving Apollo to fight two on one. Cesaro chop blocked him and scored the pin after a springboard move.

Your winners and still Raw Tag Team champions, The Bar!

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