RAW Results-January 22nd,2018
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We are back to the ring for the Peep Show with Christian. He says there are a lot of Peeps in Brooklyn. Christian says he misses everyone and he says he knows a little about tag teams. He is a nine time tag team champion. He thought he had seen it all but then he saw this team win in their first match together. Christian brings out Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan.

Jason interrupts Seth and he says this is amazing. He knows they are here to talk about their upcoming title defense, but Jason says it is an honor to be in Christian’s presence and the presence of all of the superstars and legends in the back. He says he wanted to thank everyone for their continued support, but he wants to congratulate his dad for assembling such a collection of talent tonight. Jason says his dad does not really suck. He wants everyone to give his dad a round of applause.

Sheamus and Cesaro’s music plays and they come out to the stage.

Sheamus tells Jason to calm down because the legends and superstars were here to get their autographs and take pictures with them. Sheamus says those same superstars and legends had the same sentiment. They expect them to reclaim their tag titles on Sunday. Sheamus says they thanked them in advance for doing so.

Cesaro tells Jason it is not his dad who sucks, it is Jason who sucks. Sheamus and Cesaro sing ‘You Suck’ and the crowd joins in.

Jordan attacks Cesaro and Rollins clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Sheamus. Rollins goes for a springboard knee to Cesaro but Cesaro moves and Rollins hits Jordan.

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