RAW Results-January 1st,2018
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Kurt Angle wishes everyone a Happy New Year. He says that 2018 will be even greater than 2017. In three weeks RAW will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Then talks about the Royal Rumble and that John Cena entered. He talks about the rules of the Royal Rumble, same rules apply for men and women. The winner gets his and her opportunity at a title shot at Wrestlemania.

The Bar’s music hits and they make their way to the ring. Sheamus says that they were robbed last week. “You look stupid” chant breaks. Cesaro says that they cannot stand favoritism. He gave his son a tag team title shot. What he did after the match was too much says Cesaro. They shows a clip of last week’s main event, with Kurt Angle applauding and hugging Jason Jordan. The Bar asked for a rematch tonight. Kurt Angle says that they will get their rematch when he says so.

Jason Jordan’s music hits and he comes out. Jason says that if he didn’t deserve an opportunity at the tag team titles, then why does he have the title? Jason says last week’s opportunity was based off his track record not his DNA. Seth and him earned the tag titles. They start arguing, then Kurt Angle makes a match right now. Seth Rollins comes out. Seth tells Jason that even though they are tag champions, he has a lot to learn about being a teammate. Seth explains that Jason was outnumbered right now. That needs to stop being so self-absorbed. Seth tells Jason that he will be in his corner tonight, but the way he sees it, he is out here tonight to watch him lose.

Jordan vs. Cesaro up next.

Cesaro w/ Sheamus vs Jason Jordan w/ Seth Rollins

Uppercut by Cesaro. Jason fights back with a drop kick and a cover, 1,2 and Cesaro kicks out. Jordan has Cesaro in the corner, Cesaro fights back with an uppercut again, and then again. Takedown by Cesaro and applies a sleeper hold. Jordan gets up and fights back. He picks Cesaro and runs into the corner with him. Sheamus gets up on the apron to distract Jason, this allowed Cesaro to attack Jason’s knee, while distracted. Cesaro continues to work on Jason’s left leg/knee. Both men are up and Jason clotheslines Cesaro and then back body drops him to the outside, while limping on his leg. On the outside, Cesaro attacks Jason’s leg again, then high fives Sheamus.

Cesaro still in control and we see Jason down on the outside. Cesaro throws him back in. Uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro applies a half crab on Jordan. Both men are back up and Cesaro delivers a couple of uppercuts. Jason tries to fight back with a couple of belly to back suplexes. Jordan delivers a modified Perfect Plex and covers, 1,2 but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro attacks the leg again, then Jason is down leaning on the second rope, and Sheamus hits him. Rollins takes out Sheamus on the outside. In the ring, Jordan delivers the belly-to-back neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Jason Jordan

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