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RAW Results-August 7th,2017
Published by: |   (0) Comments      Read MORE      Filed Under: Raw, Results

Seth Rollins vs Sheamus w/Cesaro

As soon as the bell rings Rollins attacks Sheamus. Rollins sends Sheamus to the outside. Rollins tries to dive onto Sheamus but Sheamus catches him. Rollins escapes and splashes Sheamus off the apron. Rollins rolls Sheamus back into the ring. Springboard clothesline by Rollins. Sheamus dumps Rollins to the outside. Sheamus body slams Rollins on the ring apron. After a short break, Rollins lands a chin breaker. Sheamus responds with a running back elbow. Sheamus goes for the 2.5 beats of the Bohdren. Rolling senton by Sheamus. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick. Rollins ducks. Sheamus lands a high knee. Rollins floors Sheamus with an enziguri. Double boots from Sheamus. Sheamus flips up to the top rope. Rollins hops up top and tries to suplex Sheamus. Sheamus knocks Rollins off the top. Rollins pops back up and hurricanrana’s Sheamus off the top. Seated superkick! Sheamus kicks out! Rollins attempts a Pedigree. Sheamus back body drops Rolins but Rollins lands on his feet. Sling blade by Rollins. Rollins goes up top but Cesaro gets on the apron. Rollins knocks Cesaro off the apron. Sheamus rolls up Rollins for the win.

Winner- Sheamus

After the match, Rollins dives throw the ropes into Sheamus and Cesaro. The numbers game is too much as Cesaro and Sheamus beat Rollins down. Sheamus and Cesaro glare at the stage area, waiting for Dean Ambrose to show up but he never comes. Sheamus and Cesaro hit their finish on Rollins.

Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro w/Sheamus

Ambrose takes Cesaro down in a hammer lock. Cesaro gets to his feet and blasts Ambrose with a shoulder block. Ambrose is taken to the mat after a test of strength. Ambrose pops up and monkey flips Cesaro. Cesaro floors Ambrose with a European uppercut. Ambrose manages to hit a back elbow. Ambrose tries the corner ten punches but Cesaro drops Ambrose face first on the turnbuckle. Cesaro crushes Ambrose with a lariat. Ambrose dumps Cesaro over the top rope. Ambrose dives onto Cesaro. Sheamus distracts Ambrose long enough for Cesaro to hit a roaring European uppercut. After a short break, Ambrose tries to set up a superplex. Cesaro knocks Ambrose off the top. Ambrose pops up and climbs back up top. Cesaro stands on the ring post. Cesaro motions as if he is going to suplex Ambrose to the outside. Ambrose super plexes Cesaro into the ring. Ambrose hits the ropes but Cesaro catches him in midair and levels him with a back breaker. Canadian back breaker by Cesaro. Ambrose fights out of it.

Ambrose misses a corner splash. Cesaro gets a near fall after a wind up European uppercut. Deadlift gut wrench suplex by Cesaro for a near fall. Ambrose back body drops Cesaro out of the Neutralizer. Cesaro double legs Ambrose. Cesaro tries to lock in the sharpshooter but Ambrose fights him off. Ambrose sends Cesaro to the outside. Ambrose tries a suicide dive but Ceasro cuts him off with a European uppercut. Cesaro tries a super plex but Ambrose Gord busters Cesaro off the top. Sheamus distracts Ambrose, which allows Cesaro to lock in the sharpshooter. Ambrose gets to the ropes. Cesaro hits the ropes but Ambrose back body drops him to the outside. Ambrose dives off the top onto Cesaro. Ambrose rolls Cesaro back into the ring. Ambrose goes up top. Sheamus gets on the apron. Ambrose tries to knock Sheamus off the apron. Cesaro tries to roll up Ambrose the same way Sheamus did to Rollins earlier. Ambrose counters and rolls up Cesaro for the win!

Winner- Dean Ambrose

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro beat Ambrose down. Rollins hits the ring and makes the save. Ambrose gets to his feet and stares at Rollins. Ambrose thinks long and hard before sticking out his fist at Rollins. Rollins shakes his head and leaves the ring.


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