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RAW Results:December 19th,2016
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Backstage, Foley congratulates Cesaro and Sheamus on winning the tag titles. Foley presents Cesaro and Sheamus with new red tag team titles. A Referee runs into Foley’s office and tells him that they need him in the back now. Braun Strowman is destroying the backstage area. Strowman tells Foley that Zayn only survived 10 minutes in the ring with him because he let him. Strowman wants Zayn in the ring tonight. Foley tells Strowman that Zayn isn’t there. Foley asks Strowman to take the night off. Strowman says he sees how it’s going to be.

The New Day walk down the ramp. Woods notes that their reign has finally come to an end. Kingston says that they can’t mourn forever. Think about it: Ric Flair wouldn’t be a 16-time world Champion if he didn’t lose it 15 times. Big E. adds that will be Charlotte in a week (ha!). Woods says they will definitely become the three-time RAW tag team Champions. Sheamus and Cesaro walk out on the ramp. Sheamus is about to mock New Day, but Cesaro stops him. Sheamus says it really is a new day. It’s day one for the new WWE tag team Champion Sheamus. Cesaro says “and Cesaro!” They go back and forth for a bit before Kingston interrupts and asks why they get new belts after only having the titles for a day. Kingston says they knew at some point they would lose the titles and if they are being honest they are happy it was to Cesaro. Sheamus thanks them, but Woods retorts that they weren’t talking to him. They were talking to Cesaro.

Cesaro and Sheamus argue about who is the better. Sheamus takes credit for the win and for ending New Day’s historic reign. If New Day could hold the tag belts for 483 days, he should be able to hold them for 20 years. Woods runs down all of New Day’s accomplishments. There is now way Sheamus can come close their reign. Anderson and Gallows come to the ring and say the only reason Sheamus and Cesaro won is because they beat down the New Day over and over again leading up to their title match. The Shining Stars come to the ring and offer everyone vacations. Cesaro rips up the brochure. a huge brawl breaks out.

The Club and The Shining Stars vs The New day, Cesaro and Sheamus

After a short break, Kingston rolls up Primo, but Epico gets a blind tag. Epico kicks Kingston in the gut. Epico hits a butterfly face breaker on Kingston. Gallows tags in and boots Kingston in the face. Anderson and Gallows take turns beating down Kingston. Anderso sets Kingston on the top rope. Kingston reverses it into a tornado DDT. Before Kingston can make the tag Gallows knocks Big E. off the apron. Epico and Primo hit tandem topé suicidas on Cesaro and Sheamus. Anderson and Gallows hit the Boot of Doom for a two count. Kingston finally tags in Big E.

Big E. hits three belly to belly suplexes. Before Big E. can hit his running splash, Sheamus tags himself in. Sheamus goes for the ten beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus rolling sentons Epico. Cesaro tags in. Sheamus picks Epico up in White Noise as Cesaro dives off the top onto Epico. Primo breaks up the pin attempt. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Epico. Gallows superkicks Sheamus. Big E. clotheslines Gallows over the top rope. Anderson sick kicks Big E. Cesaro Swiss Death Uppercuts Anderson. Epico gets in the ring, but Cesaro swings him, then locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Winners- The New Day, Sheamus and Cesaro



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