Smackdown Results November,19th,2015
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– Post break, Miz is still in the ring and is not pleased. He feels disrespected and is outraged, and wants his match cancelled. Cesaro comes out and it looks like Miz is screwed.

Cesaro vs. The Miz:

Miz tried to back off and then hit a cheap shot and attacked. Miz was pissed off here, and laid the boots to Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro countered the corner clothesline and then did a tilt a whirl into the crossface and Miz tapped. That worked to play off of the opening segment and to give Cesaro a dominant victory.

– As Cesaro leaves, Stardust and the Ascension made their way to the ring. They had a face off, and they then let Cesaro pass unharmed.

Official Result: Cesaro

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